Sar Pass Himalayan Trek

The Sar Pass trek offers a diversified trail through deep forests, undulating meadows, snowy mountains and charming villages. It is an ideal trek for beginners and moderate level trekkers. It derives its name from ‘Sar,’ which means lake. The ‘Sar’ which is mostly frozen till late in summer needs to be crossed by trekkers and hence the name ‘Sar Pass Trek’. The trek starts from the quaint village of Kasol and trekkers cross forests and steep rocky terrains to encounter long stretches of snow on the Pass Day.

The mesmerizing views of the snowy peaks of the Parvati valley in addition to the snow trail will definitely leave you spellbound. It is undoubtedly one of the most delightful treks in the Himachal Pradesh. Go for it peeps!

Sar Pass Himalayan Trek
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20th May, 2018 : Drive from Delhi to Bhuntar; 480 Kms; 10-12 Hrs – Altitude: 5,570 Feet

Meet your Travelspot Buddy at MajnuKaTila by 4:30 PM to board the bus for travel to Bhunter.

21st May, 2018 :Bhuntar to Kasol; 1 Hr, Exploration and Acclimatization Day Altitude: 5,570 Feet

We arrive at Bhunter and transfer to Kasol. Freshen up, enjoy the views from Kasol and relax. This day is important for acclimatization so we go for a lovely walk to Chalal village and rejuvenate in the hot water spring in the gurudwara at Manikaran.

22nd May, 2018 :Kasol to Grahan Village; 10 Kms; 4-5 Hrs Altitude: 5,570 Feet to 7,700 Feet

The trail from Kasol to Grahan is a marked one through forests, following the Grahan nalah. It starts from the centre of Kasol and keeps to the true left of the nalah. In a short while, we cross the nalah and continue, before abruptly becoming rocky and climbing uphill, away from the right bank of the river. Soon, the trees give way to grass and shrubs.After a steep climb of about an hour, look out for the village of Grahan, situated on the top of a hill. Camp there for the night.

23rd May, 2018 :Grahan to Min Thatch; 7 Kms; 4-5 Hrs Altitude:7,700 Feet to 11,150 Feet

From the camping ground at Grahan, a trail goes north, climbing up gently. After walking for a while, the view opens up to views of Min Thach, Nagaru, and Sar Top on the mountain to the right. The trail also becomes steeper and leads into the woods. After some time, you enter a dense forest; the thick canopy lets in very little sunlight. The slope becomes steeper still and the path is confusing in places. After toiling for a few hours, the forest opens up to a grassy patch on a ridge. This is Min Thatch.

24th May, 2018 :Min Thatch to Nagaru; 8 Kms; 4-6 Hrs Altitude: 11,150 Feet to 12,450 Feet

From Min Thach, as the crow flies, Nagaru seems not far, but the route doesn’t go straight up the ridge-line; instead, it veers up to the south (looking up at the cliffs, towards the right) and goes into the woods. After walking for a while, one comes to another ridge-line – a rocky one overlooking a grassy meadow down in the distance. The ridge goes steeply up to the left (eastward), to the cliffs, atop which Nagaru sits. The path to Nagaru goes up this ridge and is well-marked for some hundred metres, after which the tree-line ends and gives way to patches of grass and shrubs. A steep climb awaits you until you get to Nagaru, just a couple of hours away.

25th May, 2018 :Nagaru to Sar Pass, further onto Biskeri Thatch; 14 Kms; 6-8 Hrs Altitude: 12,450 Feet to 13,800 Feet; Descend to 11,000 Feet

The climb to Sar Pass follows the ridge-line in a southward direction and is steep in some stretches. The snow is easier to walk on and the heavenly surroundings keep one’s spirits high. After climbing up the hill seen from Nagaru, a higher hill that has to be climbed comes into view. After climbing for what seems like a long time, one reaches the top of the hill and a sigh of relief and joy escapes as one beholds the view ahead. From the image searches on the web, one would know that this is Sar Pass! Sar Pass derives its name from ‘Sar,’ which means ‘pond,’ but the ‘Sar’ is mostly frozen till late in summer. After some time, the path climbs up to a ridge running across, and one can see a flag tied to a ‘Trishul’ at the top. The slope is very steep in the last stretch and buried in the snow, one may find a rope, which can be held on to while climbing. This is a pass in the truer sense. Enjoy the views before proceeding down into the valley. The beginning is a huge hundred feet drop and the only way of getting through that is by sliding down! – Probably the most exciting part of the trek. You could have more sliding options, in fact till all the way to Biskeri Thatch, depending on the snow conditions. Biskeri presents a sublime view of the pine forests, the majestic mountains and lovely grasslands. The villages of Tosh, Pulga-Tulga, Bursheni, and Nakthan can be seen in the valley below.

26th May, 2018 :Biskeri Thatch to Barshaini; 10 Kms; 4-5 Hrs ; Drive to Delhi Altitude: 11,000 Feet to 7,880 Feet

From Biskeri, a steep path goes down, keeping to the left of the stream. After some time, cross the stream and walk across a plot of land with fencing which leads into a dense forest. After descending in the dense forest for a good time, spot a crossing on a stream, with a camp site across. The path to the village of Pulga goes to the left of the camp site. Soon after, one comes to grassland fringed by trees, which is one of the most beautiful places in the entire trek. The path continues through a dry channel into the woods, the descent becoming steep again. In some time, one reaches a clearing in the forest where trees have been felled. This is Tulga Village. From Tulga, one crosses a bridge on the river Parvati, which has been dammed ahead for a hydroelectric power project, to reach the village of Bursheni. That’s the end of the trek. We get into our vehicle and proceed for Kasol, after which we move to Bhunter, from where our bus departs for Delhi!

27th May, 2018 :Arrival into Delhi at 9 AM.

The trek ends, but the beginning to the blossom of bonds created over the past days!

  • Travel Suggestions:


    • Ensure that you schedule your flights/trains in a way that you reach Majnu Ka Tila     not later than 4:30 PM on 20th May


    • We shall arrive into Delhi by morning on 27th May . It is suggested that modes of transport should be scheduled post 12 PM to avoid any mishap.Missing flights or trains could be disastrous, hence, please make your choices wisely.


  • Backpack (min 60 Ltrs) with rain cover
  • Daypack to carry necessary things for a day (20 litres)
  • Trekking Shoes (Forclaz 100, 500 recommended)
  • 3 pairs of full sleeve shirts/T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of trekking/track pants
  • 3 pairs of cotton socks. 2 pairs of woollen socks
  • 1 full sleeve sweater
  • 1 fleece jacket (preferable)
  • One padded/down jacket
  • Thermal inners – 1 Pair
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • 1 pair of water-resistant gloves
  • Raincoat/ Poncho/ Windcheater (No umbrellas please!)
  • Sun cap
  • 1 scarf/neck-warmer/balaclava
  • 1 Light towel
  • Personal toilet kit – Must contain Face-wash, Toothpaste, toothbrush, Cold cream, Lip balm and sunscreen (SPF 40+)
  • 1 Toilet paper roll
  • 2 water bottles (1 Litre each)
  • Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries
  • Personal medical kit
  • Dark sunglasses (UV protected)
  • 1 Walking stick
  • Enerzal Powder or Glucon D powder
  • Snacks & Biscuits