Dare To Embark On These 20 Electrifying International Road Trips From India

Driving across cities is a thing of the past. What your maverick soul now needs is a road trip across countries. Yes, you heard that right! After proper planning and acquiring all necessary permits from nations you wish to visit, you can set off on the most cherishable journey of your life. The experience of riding across different countries & continents, the vivid mix of cultures you experience, the sights you witness, the people you meet, the memories you make, and even the hassles you encounter, are sure to move your heart and transform you from within.

So simply check out all these places you can visit, grab your travel documents, hop into your cars, and set off on the most intoxicating international road trips from India that’ll stay in your hearts forever!

What do you call a country with limitless beauty and where you can enter at any time of the year without prior permissions? You got that right! When on a road trip from India to Nepal, the best way to enter the country is through the Sunauli border in UP, which is about 180 km from Gorakhpur. And once you’re through, the charming views of snowy Himalayas, tranquil stupas and rustic forests are all yours!